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Our Team

Although we’re proud of our products, services, and technology, nothing matches the pride we have in our customer service and sales representatives. You see, we learned long ago that we’re really in the business of building business relationships.

Our team is committed to providing excellent service and producing high-quality products and services for you from start to finish. As you work with us in the future, we’re confident that you’ll find this to be true.

Each and every customer service and sales representative take personal pride in their work and the work of their co-workers, knowing that the product they deliver to you can be delivered with pride.

We have earned our reputation for excellence by asking the right questions, anticipating problems, and using our eye for detail to ensure you job is done right – the first time.

msm-personel-photo2Frank Bacon

Frank Bacon was born into the printing industry and, starting from the ground up, mastered every aspect of a family-owned print shop. Frank draws upon his experience of being raised in a family printing business that has transcended multiple generations. MSM is a business built on relationships and great customer service, providing the rock solid foundation that sets the stage for their transition from traditional print shop to a full-scale marketing solutions provider. Frank is a team builder. Recognizing that marketing trends are changing, he is leading the charge by expanding the company’s equipment capabilities and assembling the human collateral and industry experience necessary to address the evolving needs of a diversified customer base. Frank is an avid waterfowl hunter, devoted family man, dog lover and honorary master duck call interpreter. Frank is bilingual – fluent in English and “duck”. One is helpful in the printing industry…the other not so much.


MSM Print, Omaha NebraskaJulie Bacon
Graphic Designer

Julie Bacon has more than 25 years experience in creative design. Julie is a perfectionist. Proficient in the latest design software, Julie uses her knowledge and expertise to design creative packages for MSM’s clients. She believes that the dollars spent on software development is an investment in her client’s success by bringing the best tools available to the table. Julie’s skills are behind some of the largest marketing solutions campaigns in the nation. Julie loves the challenge of mastering the creative process, taking the client’s ideas and translating them into designs that deliver results. Married to Frank, together they have 2 daughters who attend college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Kansas State University. Julie is a gourmet cook want-to-be and dog lover. In her next life she would love to be a cook for one of her daughters’ sorority houses or a sommelier.


MSM Print, Omaha NebraskaMatt Hilding
Business Development Manager

Since joining MSM in 2011, Matt has focused on building strong partnerships and delivering exceptional solutions to his clients. With a wide range of business experience and 12 years in the print market, both as a buyer and seller, Matt brings unique experiences that enable him to understand the needs and expectations of MSM’s diversified customer base. He believes strongly in Account Ownership and doing what it takes to insure each customer is happy and satisfied with the end product. In his spare time, Matt enjoys golf, hunting, biking and other outdoor activities with his wife, two children and their new their Labrador pup.

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