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Graphics with Transparency

So you’re getting a little fancy with your designs and you want to layer various levels of transparent objects? Well sometimes Adobe® InDesign and Illustrator can get a little sassy and not print correctly. Follow these guidelines for creating accurate transparency output.

File Formats

·      Native Illustrator (.ai) files are fine to use in your layout, but avoid Illustrator .EPS for transparency or blending usage.

·      Native Photoshop (.psd) files are also okay to use. Use a PDF only if it contains Photoshop-created vector elements; then you should save as a Photoshop PDF at the highest version to maintain correct transparency.

Color Issues

·      Convert spot colors to CMYK for process printing.

·      If you are truly printing spot colors and CMYK, do so cautiously when incorporating transparency effects.

·      If working on a CMYK document, make sure your Transparency Blend Space is set to Document CMYK.

·      Before sending your file to us, rasterize it to keep the transparency effect. (Be sure to keep your native file in tact for any revisions.)

Quick Tip: Rasterize gradients in vector art for quicker processing.

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