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So you’ve come to read about CMYK and RGB, eh? That probably means the Prepress department alerted your file–or if they haven’t, they will when you want to print. It’s okay, don’t panic. Let’s go through how to fix it, and more importantly, why to fix it.


CMYK stands for “Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black”; the four colors together create a printable spectrum. Offset printing produces limited colors when the four different colored inks are mixed.

RGBRGB = Screen/Illuminated

RGB stands for “Red, Green, Blue”; the three colors create various colors viewed on any screen. Monitors produce millions of color spectrums with colored light. In fact, if you’re viewing this article online, you’re looking at RGB.



Image Conversion

MSM Printis able to convert RGB to CMYK, but for true color consistency, it is best to have the designer convert the native files (in Adobe® Photoshop or other image management software) before adding them to the page. Converting files after they have been saved to a PDF file can cause the colors to shift.

Text Conversion

RGB black converts a mixture of colors to produce black, instead of 100% black. This can lead to small text being out of register and not as legible. The solution? If you design for print, always use CMYK and 100% black for text.

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