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Packaging Files

It’s always best to package your files when handing off your design work and files. This will help to ensure the correct print settings, from fonts and graphics to the inks required to print the document. Sending native files through our FTP site will give us flexibility to make any necessary revisions you may have along the way.

Missing links can be costly and effect print dates, so package them first to save time and money!


How to Package Fonts and Graphics

1.     Check to see if all the links are updated.

2.     Create the Package or Collect for Output folder. A file will appear with the full set of duplicated fonts, graphics and native file.

indesignIn Adobe® InDesign, select File>Package. Fix any problems with the file that may be noted here. Click “Package” to continue. Add any necessary Printing Instructions and click “Continue”. Next, select the files you wish to include in the package and click “Save”


quarkIn Quark XPress, select File>Collect for Output. Select New Folder and name your job. Choose what files to output, from “Layout, Linked Pictures, Printer Fonts and Screen Fonts”. Click “Save”.


Note: There is also a report, saved as a .txt file, that will be included with the package folder. It will include all the information from the Printing Instructions as well as a list of fonts, links, inks and settings.

3.     Upload the packaged file using our FTP site.

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